August 28, 2008

Previously Unmentioned Crushes

Beau Biden, who I hadn't mentioned before because I didn't know I had a crush on him until last night when I watched him give the introductory speech for his father Joe at the Democratic National Convention.

Josh Charles. The crush goes way back to Dead Poets Society and especially Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead but my favorite thing he's ever done will always be Sports Night. Maybe because that's one of my favorite things ever.

Peter Dinklage is obviously not my usual type. On account of, you know, I like tall men and he's 4'5". But he's a terrific actor, his voice is incredibly soothing, and he shared the screen with Bobby Canavale yet I still managed to spend the majority of the movie noticing how handsome he is. That's really saying something.

Victor Garber. There is an episode of Alias called "Almost Thirty Years" where Jack (played by Garber) is interrogating a fellow spy who's a double agent and has put Sydney in danger. He's got the weasel strapped to a table in a warehouse somewhere with his hand in a vice and he keeps tightening the vice as he questions and doesn't get answers quickly enough for his liking. Eventually he gets all the information he's looking for and as the weasel tries to convince Jack to join the bad guy in his dastardly plan, Jack blows his brains into next week with the steeliest calm I've ever seen in my life. Through the entire ordeal, he never so much as musses his suit. There will never be anyone that bad-ass again. That's just one of hundreds of examples of how he can be completely, psychotically, evil and totally fucking awesome at the same time. And it makes him sexy beyond the telling of it.

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