August 8, 2008

Farewell Until Next Year, SYTYCD

Another awesome season has come to an end and a hearty congratulations go out to Joshua who took the top honors this year. He wasn't my favorite dancer but it's hard to argue with his win because through the entire season, there was only one routine that he didn't dance fantastically. That doesn't count his solos though because I thought those were extremely lack-lustre.

The routines on Wednesday's performance program were nothing that would make it to my favorites list but the Russian dance that the boys did was beyond fun to watch. I was annoyed again by the way the judges singled Courtney out as being less good than the others when I felt as though Katee was the less impressive of the two girls in their Broadway routine. And Courtney certainly has the most consistently beautiful solos of all of the top 4.

Last night's finale (at least what I saw of it - stupid satellite dish, stupid storm!) was quite good and while I think there are a couple of dances I would have swapped out as my favorites, I was mostly just glad to see some of my favorites dance again. My three favorite routines of the year were there - Courtney and Gev's Rumba; Chelsie and Mark's Hip Hop (Bleeding Love); Courtney and Mark's Jazz (the Sonya routine) - and some others that I liked a great deal as well - Josh and Katee's Bollywood; Twitch and Kherington's Waltz; Twitch and Katee's contemporary (the "door" routine by Mia) - I could have done without the Pas de Deux (I really effing hate Will) and wouldn't have chosen Katee and Josh's or Twitch and Comfort's Hip Hop routines if it were me (I might have chosen Courtney and Josh's Hip Hop (Frankenstein) and Katee and Josh's Contemporary (the Mia number with the assisted run), or Gev and Courtney's Contemporary (by Mandy Moore) and Josh and Chelsie's Rumba) but overall, I was happy.

I could have done without the pop-off. I find Robert The Quitter to be unbearable - I didn't think they should have brought his ass back the first time and to have him back a second time was ludicrous. Philip Chbeeb seems like a nice enough guy, too bad only Mia had the good sense to prefer him over RTQ.

I missed the Jonas Brothers completely (thank you satellite dish, thank you storm) and most of the rabbit funeral (this isn't intended as the insult that it'll sound like - but I think Wade and a Chris Angel show featuring Cirque du Soleil are a match made in heaven) and Nigel Dancing (damn you to HELL satellite dish and storm. DAMN YOU!!!). But I did get to see the great opening number choreographed by Shane Sparks who I miss terribly, and the completely awesome samba (?) with Dimitry (I forgot how hot he is), as well as the "where are they now" bit from past contestants and the big dance number with them and the top 20. I thought that should have been much longer but I was thankful for what I did get.

At the end of the day, I don't have too many complaints about this season - I'm not completely complaint-less though. The judges were unfairly hard on Jessica (if she was that damn bad, they could have sent her home when she made the bottom three but instead they kept her and then told her repeatedly how much she sucked and how she was dragging Will down) and conversely they were way too easy on Will who has pathetic partnering skills. They didn't give enough credit to either Gev or Courtney and they failed to adequately praise Mark as well. They kept Comfort around far longer than her abilities warranted and then brought her back after Jessica couldn't continue on and gave her an unearned spot on the tour. The camera work and editing are a problem, the audition packages are still too disconnected from the show and they spend too much time praising the choreographers on a show that's supposed to be about dancers. But most all of those things are minor quibbles in the grand scheme of things because I'd still rather watch SYTYCD more than 99% of the other reality competition shows on television and 65% of the scripted shows.

And Cat Deeley is the best host of any show ever in the history of the world, whether those jackasses at The Emmys realize it or not.

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