May 9, 2008

It's a good thing.

Partly because I wanted to get Dax Shepard's semi-naked body off of the top of the blog so as not to make you all think I'd started a porn site, and partly because this might be interesting, I'm popping in to tell you all that I'm attempting to become Martha Stewart-y.

A couple of weeks ago I bought new family room furniture. I've been slowly but surely redoing the entire first floor of my house and at this point, the only thing that keeps it from really looking great is my ugly old furniture. So I bought a couch, love seat, chair, coffee table, two end tables and an accent chest which will all arrive sometime between now and the second week in July.

But I have a couple of other pieces - two tables and a bench - which I want to keep in the room but they're either white or oak finish and that doesn't really go with the espresso finish wood and darker greens, blues and browns of my new furniture. So this weekend I'm giving those pieces a face lift. Hopefully that goes well because when I'm finished with that project, I'm going to slipcover a chair.

It's a big, over-stuffed monster that's been in my family room for about 11 years and has just seen better days. Even if it hadn't begun sprouting holes and stains, the fabric is no longer my taste and it's a pillow-back chair which I didn't realize I hated until after I bought it and the couch that went with it. So I'm buying the necessary items to make a cushion back for it and then making a custom slip cover which hopefully looks more like upholstery when I'm done and then moving it up into my bedroom.

Yesterday, while shopping for fabric on-line (you can really find some great deals on upholstery-grade fabric on the Internet in case you're ever in the market), I found a pattern for fabric foot stool that I'd like to try and make to go with it.

I think I'm going to go with this fabric for the chair:

And these two fabrics for a double sided pillow and the foot stool:

Wish me luck.

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