April 3, 2008


I don't regularly watch MTV. I haven't purposely watched a single program aired on the "music" channel since the mid-90s but on a few occassions since then, I've had occassion to watch bits and pieces of their programming and so I know that Mariah Carey clearly has money. Enough that she lives in a space so over-the-top Diva-esque that I vaguely remember wanting to vomit during that particular episode of MTV Cribs. If memory serves (and it's possible it doesn't really) she had a closet the size of my house and everything was an attrociously gaudy shade of either pink or gold. She had 300 trillion pairs of shoes and for some reason I'm remember either fur or feathers.

Whatever, the point is, she's got a fair bit of disposable income. So why then, can't she afford to wear jewelry that doesn't leave a green stain on her finger?


Anonymous said...

That is SO wrong on so many levels... Also why can't she afford a boob job that doesn't look like she stuffed balloons under her skin?

Melissa said...

Thank you! The woman has a Frillion dollars - she needs to put it to some better use!